The boar is currently poses problems kingdom. Because of its rapid growth, the animal destroyed everything in its path including crops. The High Commission for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification has no choice but to shoot wild boars too. A battered is scheduled tomorrow in the Middle Atlas.

  • Region: Marrakech, Middle and High Atlas
  • Leases: The area is rich in vegetation and undergrowth, is the perfect place for that animal. The present population is estimated at a few hundred individuals.

– Course of the hunt :
Hunting is done at the station, beaten with beaters. It takes at least six guns and the quota allows a boar per day per hunter.

  • Departure from Marrakech at 7:00 in 4×4 or minibus
  • Arrival around 8:00 on the hunting site
  • Implementation and briefing of holders
  • first tracks
  • Lunch “hunter” on-site around 12:00
  • second stalking
  • End of hunting around 16:00 and back to Marrakech