The quail is a bird belonging to the order Galliformes and the family Phasianidae. It is much like the partridge well be smaller. Indeed, it measures 16 to 19 cm (35 cm wide) and weighs 80-125 g. It is characterized by its reddish-tawny plumage, its almost nonexistent tail and two yellow stripes on the back. Hunting for quails be done at the retriever. We offer you specially educated setters and spaniels. Dates: early October to early March Hunting days authorized: Friday – Saturday – Sunday – Monday Territory Hunting: Our Private Reserves within an hour from Marrakech Trained in the plains consist of agricultural properties, alfalfa and potatoes earthen. How does a day of hunting?

Departure from Marrakech to 7:00 4 × 4 or minibus
Arrival around 8:00 on the hunting site
Implementation and briefing of holders
Lunch “hunter” on-site around 12:00
End of hunting around 16:00 and back to Marrakech
Table authorized by date: 20 quail