Generally the hunt begins in late September and ends early March. The ministerial order setting the opening and closing dates is available at the Tourism Ministry or its regional delegations. Hunting wild boar and beaten authorization in Morocco Marrakech boar hunting can be carried out only beaten, hunters must have a battered authorization issued by the Administration of Water and Forests in Rabat and in districts of the latter in different cities of the Kingdom. For this hunt, a fee is required according to the number of hunters found on the beaten authorization application. Hunting license in Morocco’s state forests may be issued to tourists by the Administration of Water and Forests of the Kingdom cities.

Number of game pieces allowed for hunting in Morocco Boar: specify each beat. Partridges 5. Hare: 1. Ducks green collar: 10 Quail: 40. Snipe: 40 of some kind is present. The Game Export is prohibited unless waived by the Administration of Water and Forests. For further information, contact the Moroccan National Office of Tourism in Rabat Tél.: (0537) 77.51.71 / 77.51.79 Fax : (0537) 77.74.37