The definition of hunting

It is difficult to propose a single definition of hunting, because this activity has evolved over time and is seen differently by hunters, scientists, managers of wildlife and anti-hunting.

We must first remember that hunting is in our genes; our ancestors were hunters and fishermen, hunting was necessary for the survival of prehistoric man, since before becoming a farmer and rancher he was a hunter and gatherer, he ate what he found in nature: Fruit especially proteins of animal origin that he could only take in wild animals.

Today, hunting is a recreational sport, some managers do not want to acknowledge it a sporty character. Because it is free of competitive spirit. However, some hunting methods such as hunting ahead or mountain hunting, require great effort and require good physical condition.

For scientists and foresters, that they are hunters or not, hunting is a management of wildlife. They are concerned about the sustainability of this natural resource which should be managed in a rational mannered so that future generations can continue to operate.

For anti-hunting, this is primarily a social problem. In many European countries, public opinion surveys show that a large proportion of the population is opposed to the hunt, she associates with death. In Morocco, the urban population is still attached to its rural roots. The company accepts both the act of killing hunting than killing a chicken, rabbit or sheep for consumption. The feast of Eid Al Adha, which involves sacrificing a sheep.

The hunting regulations

In Morocco, hunting regulations Marrakech Morocco is quite complex and sometimes even binding, as the legislature is concerned to allow the exercise of the sport while ensuring the sustainability of the national game stocks. Unlike other countries where the hunting rights attached to ownership, Morocco, the right to hunt belongs to the state, who can delegate the exercise under certain conditions.

To develop hunting tourism in Morocco, our agency has vast areas that are large enough and located in very different environments, to be representative of different habitats and allow hunting of all game species of wildlife Marocaine . They contain only the forest more or less dense for hunting wild boar, other areas are made up of scrub and crops for hunting partridge, hare, quail and turtle doves. Also waterfowl, especially Snipe.

Documents of the hunter

As the right to hunt Marrakech Morocco belongs to the state, no one can hunt without his permission. Similarly, no one can hold a hunting weapon without permission. So the first fighter of the document is the license of its carrying weapons, valid for one year from the date of issuance; it must be renewed every year, it is strictly personal. Any offense relating to port or possession of arms is the jurisdiction of military courts.